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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Appalachian Drive

These photos were taken within a span of one hour of driving.  You will notice a common theme here: All were taken through the windshield, while driving a small house, with nowhere to safely pull off onto the side of the road.  All I could do was enjoy it as much as possible while driving as slow as I could constantly checking the mirrors to see if anyone was coming up behind us. 


Whoa! There's a spot I could of stopped at.  Too late, I didn't see that coming.

Oh how pretty this must be in the fall.

Oh this is so aggravating! 

Damn! That would have been a neat fence shot for Theresa's GOOD FENCE meme.

The change in the road from one state to another always amuses me.

Opps, veered over onto the wrong side of the road.

Yikes, did it again!

You try driving while looking through the viewfinder of a Nikon DSLR


  1. no way would I manage the viewfinder photos while driving! I especially liked the flowering pink trees - they looked like prunus'. Interesting to see the route you meandered along........glad you made it home! Carole, at snaphappyonline.blogspot.com

  2. Such an empty road, we don't see that often here. Interesting to see where you are driving with different sceneries.

  3. Nothing wrong with the shots now the safety of driving.

  4. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't driving in the opposite direction. ;))

  5. at least i know you're going slowly! :) laughed at the 'oops' fence shots! but did like that farm with the ribbon of fence in front of it.

  6. Yeah I hear ya John its not an easy thing to do driving and looking through a viewfinder, not easy but you got great images, love those redbuds.

  7. Great photos and a beautiful area but you're making me nervous!!

  8. I could take dozens of photos of this road! ;-)

  9. YOu still got some good shots...I did it once on a road that had two lanes going each way...no one around me and I got read the riot act by one blogger.

    Well, duh, I am not going to do that with cars around me...

  10. Glad you made the trip safely with all that weaving around!
    Looks like a beautiful drive. Too bad there weren't more places to pull off and enjoy the scenery.

  11. Let me know the next time you're headed down the road and I'll get out of your way.

  12. I've tried driving while looking through the viewfinder...always during a snowstorm, too. My shots didn't turn out, obviously since I never posted them. The one thing we noticed right away while driving in that part of the world was the complete lack of roadside "shoulders". At least this area the road was fairly straight and not curvy.


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