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Friday, July 11, 2014

Approaching the Everglades

Okay, I'll confess here if I haven't done so already, I was not enjoying Florida like I thought I would.  I won't go into depth as to why except to say too much like California.  But once we were in the Everglades, Florida redeemed herself.  Our first stop along Highway 41 that crosses the State was at the The Smallest Post Office in the United States at Ochopee.  It unfortunately didn't rank world class status as did the Worlds Smallest Police Station.

I pulled the Would you like a picture of your entire family? gig like I mentioned in this post on a group of Germans while there and the man who was the only one who spoke any amount of English got payback on me with this.

A nearby I saw this sign and got excited.  Oh how I wanted to see one.

A bit further was the Skunk Ape Headquarters which I only found this scene photo-worthy, or maybe I was just too excited about getting into the thick of the Glades and find some alligators.


Sinbad is always intent on going out for a walk at camp.

It just so happen that there was an alligator just on the other side of those bushes.  
It was a four to five foot bank down and I didn't let Gatorbait get any closer than this.

 Fascinating creatures.

Right after this shot he had had enough of me and bolted into the water.  
The incredible speed of this animal was amazing.
I'm not as close as it seems.  Zoom lenses are my friend.

Sinbad does not like to get anywhere close to water anyway.

He'd rather smell the flowers.


  1. weeny police station indeed. When I saw your photo John I instantly thought, but where's your cat? Well Sinbad came later ... with the alligator. Interesting post

  2. So the German paid you back, nice picture of the roadtripper.Sinbad looks very much like the panther on the grass, same colour. I think the aligator would have loved to have him for lunch. Glad you have hem on a leash. The aligator looks like an animal from a past era.

  3. Looks like a great visit and I love it that you have still post offices how big or small they are. Also that the alligator is real . There are all to much plastic palmtrees in Florida and I should not be surprized if an alligator on some spots is from plastic too. But keep on the safe side.

  4. Good to keep Sinbad on a leash there and away from those gators

  5. Ya, zoom lens for sure. That would make my heart beat faster to see a gator.

  6. loved the tiny post office and nice to see you, again! yup, i remember gator bait sinbad. that is some amazing hide on that creature!

  7. That's a nice picture at the P.O., and I love the gator shots and how they can go from motionless to lightning bolt in no time.

  8. Good job, Sindbad. Stay off'em gators :)

    Peace :)

  9. I like the Everglades and some of the nature reserves around Florida are wonderful too!

  10. I hope they don't keep too much cash in the post office - with a fork-lift someone could steal the whole building!

  11. Sinbad is one smart feline! I have to say that there are only two places I really like in Florida. One is the Everglades and the other is in Northern Florida on the Panhandle - Apalachicola. Otherwise, I don't care if I ever go back. However, there is a lot of odd stuff down there for those who want to look.

  12. We love it here in central FL. We see so many different birds and lots of wildlife. Gators move faster than you would think! Stay safe! And ENJOY your travels! Diane from FL

  13. That is a tiny post office...I will say I am glad I don't have to think about alligators when out 'in the wild' here...

  14. Sinbad is just a handsome as ever. Amazing images of the gator.

  15. Not a place I would visit again either. I like your shots of the wild orange panther.

  16. I wonder what gator smells like? Looks like maybe Sinbad was wondering the same thing.


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