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Monday, July 14, 2014

Pete's Service Since 1924

Pine Bluff, Wyoming

Pete has quite a collection of old gasoline pumps.

I was amazed they were just sitting there along the highway not behind any fencing, no junkyard guard dogs, nothing to keep someone from picking one up.


  1. That is rather amazing in this day and age, to leave it unguarded and that no one has helped themselves...

  2. He certainly has a unique collection!
    I like the sign as well. ;-)

  3. wow! i'm surprised, too, in this age of metal theft and all...

  4. Really, I would think they would have walked off with someone.

  5. Guess Pete's not selling gas any more though.

  6. I am amazed at how many there are.

  7. There is a place over in Illinois that has all kinds of--don't know what the correct term is...the things you buy newspapers out of? I know..dumb, but my mind is just blank right now.

    And all the stuff I post from Patton's is just out in a field in the middle of no where.


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