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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Gibbon, Nebraska
(pop. around 2000)

Not far down the road from yesterday's covered wagon I had come across this wonderful collection of old cars.  To some this may appear as a junk yard but I'm sure it is much more than that to the owner.

To someone who needs a door or fender for their old classic, this place is a gold mine.

Here is a good example. Get enough parts and pieces from various cars and you have a complete vehicle.  Notice the wood framework in the cab.  That is how they did it in the old days.

I would have loved to wander around in this yard. 
The yard photos were taken by my holding the camera high over my head and the fence.

I can't identify the car on the left, but it has a lot of potential.


  1. at least from your photos you can enjoy the rustic vehicles whenever you please the black/white version; most appropriate

  2. I have now seen a few episodes of American Pickers and I now understand why this are the places they go digging for treasures. But perhaps you can beat them here. Yes America is very big. Thanks for showing us.

  3. These look very old but are still standing on their feet. There must be many of them left as the US is a real car driving country.

  4. Such cool pictures. I didn't know they used wood in the early cars. you have a good eye, John.

  5. I see a truck like my Grandfathers, a lot are older than that!

  6. Perfect spot for photos and I love the last b&w one!

  7. A real treasure trove of oldies!

  8. Way cool, John.
    I am reminded of Johnny Cash's song, "One Piece at a Time" :)

  9. I hope the American Pickers have seen this looks like a gold mine to me.

  10. Wonderful shots of some great vehicles.

  11. Oh yeah there are some beauties in there. several have potential.

  12. A fine collection of memories. Love the B&W one especially.


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