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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Soon to be 100 Years Old

Kearney, Nebraska

The plaster and wood creation of oxen pulling the Conestoga Wagon or Prairie Schooner, was the tourist magnet for what used to be a trading post for many years along Highway 30, The Lincoln Highway.  It closed down some years ago and fell into disrepair when the owner died .

Fortunately new owners stepped in a few years back, refurbished the building for offices and restored the oxen and wagon which continue to attract the motoring tourist of today.  The sign in the above photo states the title of this post and asks "Please Do Not Touch Oxen or Wagon.

I didn't touch.


  1. ...steps and a door - can you go inside at some time for something? Or it's a no-go zone?

  2. Its real americana as the diner in a big shoe or shrimp. Nice an entrance via a wagon.

  3. It is a real eyecatcher, I didn't realize you can go in it.

  4. Good for you . . . not touching that is. I don't know if I could have resisted.

  5. Very cool- I'm glad someone has stepped in and fixed the place up.

  6. I would not have touched, but oh, I would have wanted to.


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