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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

True Museum Pieces

National Motorcycle Museum
Anamosa, Iowa

All of these motorcycles are 100 years old and rapidly getting there.

Would I want one?  You bet I would?  Which one would I pick?  Well it would be easier than you'd think for me to pick one out.  See, I would want one that was original and unrestored, looking like these.  I know from past experience fixing up and restoring vehicles as they once looked like sitting on the dealer's showroom floor, they are too nice and I cannot enjoy them without worrying they'd get scratched or dinged up.  Too much work (and money) went into getting them to look that nice.  I've learned the hard way.  This is the best way to go (for me) rather than have a "trailer queen" as they are known in car and motorcycle collector's circles.  

I am sort of smitten with this one.  Can I have it?


  1. I love the fact that they all look like they were build in a shed as a hobby!

    I think that the McLaren driver was a patriot!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. It is funny to see that the first ones where more cycle than motor and when the motors became bigger the cycle slowly disappears from view, but what a beauties.

  3. They look all really special, I have never seen such like these. I once drove on a Mobylette, but I don't see it here, maybe not old enough, or typical dutch.

  4. I wonder if these are easier to repair than modern motorcycles. I bet it's hard to find many of the parts, though.

  5. too dang pretty! even in my house, those shiny ones would get dusty. :)

  6. Those are beauties. I'd take one of those pretty ones and ride it all over town.

  7. Would love to see the reaction at the local Harley Davidson owners club if someone drove in on the glorified bicycle.

  8. Jon,
    They are so beautiful.
    I wouldn't mind riding one on a 'country road', somewhere. May be not in Atlanta, GA :)

    I see the peculiar gearing; with the small chain ring in the front. Is that to facilitate starting of the motor; and, also so that, in the worst case of 'engine failure', you cycle the motorcycle home?

    Peace :)

  9. you would've been in your element visiting here. Someone has worked so long and hard to restore so immaculately.

  10. Very cool. I'm surprised the American Pickers hasn't done an episode here.

  11. Yeah, I remember the Wizzers, sold by Sears. My brother had a used one but not as fancy as that 2 cylinder bike. Tons of fun, and a few bumps and scrapes.

  12. Wow! I am not far from Anamosa and was not aware of this museum! Very cool!

    Iowa Voice

  13. You can have it if you let me choose one for myself...which would be a hard job.


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