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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Three Cacti of the Owens Valley




and the summit of Mt. Whitney 14,505 feet (4421 meters)
which has nothing to do with cactus


  1. The last one looks really from another planet. Great.

  2. That beavertail was the one we had for ages in a pot at home. SC liked it but I didn't and one day it suddenly had disappeared :)

  3. Beautiful cacti.

    I apologize for my comment yesterday, Of course you have to place safety first, and my tone probably wasn't interpreted as I intended.

  4. My hubby loves cactus, and he now has his own area of cactus garden in our back yard. I have to say it's kind of growing on me.

  5. love the cacti! and the rough terrain - looks very other-worldly. :)

  6. Always have loved Cacti of all sorts. Nice shots.

  7. Love the rich blue of the sky in the cholla shot.

  8. Oh by the way, John, since you aren't on Facebook you might not have known that I stopped doing the blog. It'll still be up but I just won't be adding to it. Have some other projects in the works. Come on--join Facebook--greatest "time-waster"
    on the planet.


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