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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mushrooms 17

I do not believe I have ever seen this type of mushroom before.  
If I did, it was not as big or shaped like this one.


  1. Looking over all of your mushroom posts, I'm amazed at how many varieties there are. The all look good enough to eat. Of course, I'm not that daring.

  2. It looks a bit crumpled but a pretty colour.

  3. looks like it should be on a coral reef!

  4. Funny, we saw a documentary last night about some wild man living in the woods. He found mushrooms that looked like trumpets and identified them. But of course I can't remember what they were called. Interesting.

  5. They look like pretty battered examples of one of the chanterelle mushrooms. I see you've lost track of all these mushroom posts - your last post was called "Mushrooms 16" too!

  6. Another I just have to comment very weird. I haven't seen it either, unless, like you say, it was shaped different either earlier or later in its life cycle.

  7. Stag horn sea shell fantasy, that one

    ALOHA from Honolulu


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