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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not Yet Spring

These photos are from 2006.  Based on previous comments some think we are there in the desert right now.  Nope, we're home safe and warm  Spring hasn't arrived in the desert just yet. 

Some pincushion cacti

A hummingbird to far away to positively identify.

The desert smoke tree which is in the legume family like beans and peanuts.

This looks more striking in black and white I think.


  1. Nice pic's. You wonder by the tree if he is living or death.

  2. It is worth to look in the archives so now and then, such beautiful photo's never published!

  3. I love the black and white photo of the tree best. We have a couple of those pincushion cactus. The funny thing about these is that they can live dormant forever and still revive when they get a bit of water.

  4. That's an awesome tree and it looks great in color or black and white. I don't think I have heard of it before.

  5. I really like both shots of the tree.

  6. Ha, I posted from my archives today (Wednesday) too. The tree looks awesome in B&W!

  7. I love that smoke tree--either version. The hummer is cute.

  8. simply beautiful pictures! Phyllis

  9. Love the last two photos!

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)


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