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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Toot's Drive In

From the Archives - Kansas 2012

Viewing TexWisGirl's post of yesterday (you can see it here) reminded me of this unexpected find on a rural road in Kansas.  I was in search of something else and this was across the way from it.

The neon is gone, probably too expensive to replace plus the fact that there's not much nighttime traffic on this road either.

It appeared to be a working diner still, just closed for the season perhaps.

It was Hubble's Rubble that I was searching for at the time, 
situated on the opposite corner from Toot's..


  1. I enjoy traveling the less-traveled roads because you just never know what treasures you might find!

  2. When I want unusual pictures, we drive out in the country here in Texas and find lots of fun items. This one is really unique. Maybe they are just into summer fare, ice cream, etc.

  3. oh, that sign needs to go there! :) so cute!

  4. You sure find treasures of pictures for purpose of what is good to look at. . They are great.

  5. I love little diners like this...we have a couple in a nearby county that close in cold weather. But they are busy as can be once it starts to warm up.

  6. Wow... not many of those left.

  7. What a wonderful find! It would be fun to go in.

  8. Those old places were the best.


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