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Friday, March 20, 2015

Carhenge 2

Alliance, Nebraska - 2012

Ar Carhenge which I showed yesterday there are other cleverly created works of art consisting of automobiles parts and pieces among other "junk" the artist had lying about.


  1. Here is/was a very talented artist at work. Especially the animals from car parts are great. Thanks for showing John.

  2. He is a creative artist. I like that first photo.

  3. Clever stuff. Wouldn't want him living next-door though.

  4. There are a few car lots around here with old cars and parts for sale. They should do this to attract buyers!

  5. Hmmm! A treasure trove for sure. But O agree that I'm glad it's not in my neighbourhood.

  6. Cool fish! I'm always amazed at what the human mind can come up with.


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