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Friday, March 27, 2015

Even More Bowling Ball Art

Oklahoma, 2012

I bet this looked pretty neat when he first built it but as you can see, 
the Oklahoma weather did a number on the table.

I didn't understand this one until it was explained to me by the artist.
You Catholics should be able to get it.


  1. Were is the bowling hall here?

  2. This is all so creative and funny, that man deserves an award for it.

  3. What an unusual genre for the artist. It is certainly something no one else has attempted, right? Great pictures.

  4. So many bowling balls! Love that rosary!

  5. i like the hanging ones. yup, rosary. pool table is in serious need of 'refelting'. :)

  6. These have been quite the incredible series of bowling ball sculptures! Folk art I guess.

  7. The pool table is really fun.


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