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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lunch Stop

From the Archives - The Great Plains Road Trip 2012

We stopped at the Nebraska/South Dakota state line for lunch.
I sat in Nebraska while much lunch was in front of me in South Dakota


  1. So is the the boundary stone I see with the Arrow pointing at it.

  2. Lucky there are border markers, otherwise nobody would know. Or on the more unfortunate places in the world you cannot eat on one side and sleep on the other.

  3. Yes that is funny, at least no "guards" at the border. When we drive two hours you already have to pass a border to Belgium or Germany, but since the European Union we have open borders and we don't have to pass a guard and show our passport anymore.

  4. Very cool. It's fun to think you could be in two places at once. ;))

  5. pretty cool. almost a fence! :)

  6. Very strange marker, for sure, Tom.


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