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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday Mural

Just by chance I happened upon this mural on the side of a video store in my town.
Yes, I wrote Video Store. Amazingly they are still doing business.

I knew Sonoma County is a popular location for the film industry.  I think Alfred Hitchkock's The Birds is the most well known fact being filmed at Bodega Bay.  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World (one of my favorite movies) used the Sonoma County airport for a few scenes.  I did not know that.  Most of these other movies I've not seen.

As for the town of Santa Rosa itself...there's a bunch more movies I've not seen.

I guess I'm not that much of a movie goer.

For more murals check out Oakland Daily Photo's Monday Mural


  1. Netflix hasn't put them out of business yet? Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. seen a few of those but certainly not all. these days, hardly watch any. :)

  3. Loved "Mad World." Makes me chuckle just to think about it....

  4. Cool! In Iowa, our map would show Field of Dreams and Bridges of Madison County - that's it!

  5. I was at a video store yesterday!

  6. Guess I'm the moviegoer in the bunch, I've seen 16 of them, though to be fair most of those listed aren't very recent. In the last decade movie fare quality has declined while cable/netflix television series have improved. I watch a lot of series on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, A&E and FX. I probably watch a couple of movies a year anymore.


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