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Friday, March 13, 2015

More Trailer Trash

Another one of my favorite trailer finds,  this one was in Arizona.  Things I noticed:  The addition of a raised roof with corrugated tin roofing.  The original probably leaked so bad they just built an entire new roof on top.  The back door has been removed and made solid.  The front door looks to be from a regular stick house, definitely not original trailer design.  Neat old bed head and foot ends leaning up against the side by the front door.  Very simple bed frame design.  The deer which is the type used by bow hunters for target practice.  I'm sure they never used him while leaning against the trailer.  They didn't need anymore holes in their home.  A string of Christmas lights are draped over the deer.  Train tracks in your backyard so I bet sleep was frequently interrupted as the Sante Fe Super Chief roared by in the middle of the night.  I'd have to pass on this place as somewhere I could live.


  1. You should see the old metal boat [floating dumpster] I lived in for 20 years! Now folks trick out dumpsters, rent a spot, and live in them!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. That is so nice it is possible in the US, to live your life as you wish, at least someone had a home.

  3. Not from aluminium so to see but ready for breaking bad within an instance I guess.

  4. That is one bad trailer. Wonder what it looks like on the inside?

  5. Hunting trailer maybe? That's what I would think if I saw it. Some of the things we saw folks living in near Moab was a real eye opener though.

  6. wow, the roof really is somethin...

  7. I definitely would have stopped to get this shot too. Love old, falling apart and rust.
    Perhaps at one time it was a true treasure.
    I posted a few shots from our trip this week to San Francisco. Thought you might enjoy them.

  8. It almost looks like it was just pulled there and left there...abandoned.


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