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Friday, July 17, 2015

Tin Weatherproofing

The residents of Bodie were really into recycling.  
Here you can see an entire home covered with tin from flattened out containers.

No doubt a surface like this allowed snow to slip off the roof 
much easier than traditional wood shingles.

Yearly rainfall is around 10 inches (254mm) while snow amounts upwards to 100 inches a year.  Elevation at Bodie is 8379' (2,554m) so even during the summer months at night the temperatures can be below freezing.  Here you can see an attempt to keep water run-off of melting snow from seeping into the joint between these too parts of this home.

Water will find its way in anywhere it can.  This flashing above the window appears much more recent but along the roof edge is original, some of it missing.  This is a good example as to what the extremely dry conditions and constant exposure of the sun can do to weather wood.


  1. It is very hot here in Sicily, we are hoping for some cooling rain.

  2. Looks very modern but the problem with cladding are as always the seams. Even today it can be problematic and than with recycled tin. Daring.

  3. Fascinating how some people recycle what's available.

  4. A hot tin roof, where is the cat? :) Must have been hot in summer and with rain it must have sounded like a machine gun.

  5. wow! even summertime can dip into freezing? harsh!

  6. Bet that tin was hot in the Summer.

  7. Very ingenious to use the tin cans. I'll bet the drumming rain made a nice rhythm on that roof.


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