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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In Bodie there were no trash collectors of course.  As we saw earlier used metal cans were flattened and nailed onto buildings for added protection.  But all was not recycled and many homes had trash heaps out back.

Finding a rusty old can like this in the desert for me is like finding a treasure.  I have a nice collection here at home.  But Bodie is a State Park and everything including debris and rusty old tin cans is protected and to be left just as you found it or you face a hefty fine for removing any artifact.


  1. Trash heaps the goldmine for archeologists.

  2. You can find a lot of interesting items I think.

  3. Take only photo's leave only footprints

  4. A recycled art artist would have a hey day there.

  5. Looks so lonely, but once loved. It's been very nice reading all about Bodie.

  6. I bet there is some interesting stuff in that old trash.


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