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Monday, July 13, 2015

What and Who is Left

Whereas at its peak Bodie had 2000 buildings making up the town, 
today there are only around 100 structures left standing.

The only people who live in Bodie now are the few on site Park Rangers.  
The remainder of the residents are mostly these little guys.


  1. Still a good impression how it once must have been. Nice to see.

  2. Love both of these shots. I can only image what it looked like back then.

  3. Bodie must be the oddest state park in existence. Imagine a park that protects buildings that in turn are allowed to turn to dust. Even Boot Hill will disappear over time. A slow vanishing act that almost seems an act of poetry.

  4. He looks a happy little fellow with a mouth full of grass, fearless too

  5. It's great that at least the buildings on the main street are being maintained.

  6. Nesting material maybe? I love catching wildlife in the act of doing something.

  7. Very cool. What a fascinating place to explore!


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