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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Dead Car

What a life this car must have had.  Some funny person stuck a 50 gallon oil drum up front.

It reminds me of cars I've seen in Laurel and Hardy films.


  1. Indeed, after they give it their special treatment.

  2. The gallon is probably necessary to keep things together, it is a big car.

  3. Hey John.....I've really enjoyed the wander through Bodie.... it's difficult to imagine ever having to live there though isn't it? Like you mentioned... where the heck did water come from except snow and run off ... where did they save it? did they have any higher up water barrels or anything? any sluices or ducting coming down from nearby hillsides? .. ...and, especially the pressurized for that hydrant a few posts did they work that I wonder ? .
    How far from the town did the mining take place? ... so many questions... perhaps I should look up the place and see what info they might have on it....

  4. AACCCKKK!!! John, I just went to look up Bodie...and, I've been scrolling through videos on Youtube .. and, it can go on for hours! There is soooo much info on there .... and, photos too ... have you looked at any of them? ... thanks again for a fun session of photos of your own...

  5. I can see the boys sitting in that car!!

  6. Isn't rust wonderful? I think it's so photogenic!

  7. It's sad to see a classic car like this one ending up just rotting away.


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