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Monday, August 17, 2015

More Interior Views

Remember, these are taken through dirty windows.

Nice wallpaper.

Not so nice ceiling paper.  
Did they make ceiling paper or did someone use wallpaper on the ceiling? 

Is this an oil burner heater?  I don't for this was before my time.

Another room where the coverings did not hold up to well.  Most of the rooms in homes had cotton fabric ceiling coverings so the one above in paper was different from most.


  1. Remarkable well preserved until now.

  2. Called lining paper here in the UK. Bit of an art putting it on the ceiling I will say. Watched my Dad do it and I managed to pick it up from how he did it. I have seen wallpaper used though

  3. Interesting view into a household, Yes, you can put paper on the ceiling but it must have been a hell of a job to get it up there.

  4. Looks like moisture and age is taking its toll here.

  5. I wonder why they didn't just whitewash or paint the ceilings? ... maybe it was to cover spaces between boards ... but, it must have made fires even more possible... paper and fabric...yikes ....


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