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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Behind the I.O.O.F.

In the lot behind the Fellowship Hall was this old wagon.  
What lies in the foreground is a fence that got too tired to stand up anymore.

Making a wheel for a wagon was craft in itself.

If I were the phone company for Bodie, this is probably something I would have made.
Anything more would be too complicated for me.


  1. A wonderfully evocative old wagon. I've made a few fences like the one in the top picture in my time - that's about my limit!

  2. It's amazing that anything is standing in Bodie!

  3. That wagon probably has many stories to tell. Great shots.

  4. That phone pole looks very efficient, simple but it will have worked I suppose.

  5. If people had to go outside and climb up there to talk on the phone, it would be too much trouble. Love the weathered it when it weathers that rich, dark color.

  6. You spread the smell of history


  7. Beautiful old wood on the building and love that wheel.

  8. I'm surprised to see how many treasures you found to photograph ther. I really like that old wagon.


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