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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bodie Church

I can honestly say there were more saloons (65), gambling halls, brothels and opium dens in Bodie than there were churches.

These seats probably filled each Sunday, mostly with women probably.  Maybe not.

It appears there was a picture or tapestry within this framework.  Also notice around the frame a cleaner appearance to the wood.  Something was there at one time.


  1. What a great old church long may it stand

  2. This building doesn't look so dilapidated as all the other ones.

  3. What a wonderful old church. I like to think of the parishioners finding their pew (probably had one they constantly used) and the minister taking his place at the pulpit.

  4. The church looks to be in good shape - must have been built better than some of the other buildings.

  5. I can see that Bodie really captured your imagination.

  6. I never made it inside the church. Wish I had.
    I guess another trip needs to happen.

  7. Such beauty in simplicity. this is a wonderful little church.


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