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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Final Home in Bodie

I'm sure this at one time was a fine home with nice furnishings.

This jar of mayonnaise may be a bit past its "Best by" date.

A cropped close-up of the label.


  1. Ewww....old mayo is not a desirable thing to have. Those pictures from Bodie have been great!

  2. Thanks for the glimpse in the past in these wonderful images.

  3. I really have enjoyed these visits to Bodie.

  4. The old house looks like it was well built. I wonder who lived there, and why they left the mayo behind! I would definitely stay away from that.

  5. Yes, probably very nice in its day. Looks like water damage has really caused problems for this house. I like your in-line 6 post, too! Have a good weekend.

  6. I'm sure it was very nice way back when!

  7. That first picture looks like it is a painting. Beautiful!


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