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Friday, October 9, 2015

Not a Good Place

to be parking your car.

This appears to be the top half of the main trunk that split away.  We had a tremendous wind storm a few days ago.  Made a mess of everything.  I suspect this happened then and it was evening when the wind storm hit so the park would have been closed and no cars in the parking lot.  Still, it did a number on that fence, and would have been kind of cool to have seen happen a safe distance away of course.


  1. Common the whole world over but first of all you need trees of course and then wind. The most spectacular when a tree hit a roof of a house but of course also the most terrible thing that can happen as we have seen a few times here in the netherlands.

  2. It seems the winds are getting stronger with storms. I have the impression that the damages to the trees here are more frequent and worser than before. This tree is a rather heavy one, not one to fall on your car or head...

  3. It feels like it has ben a windy year here. So dangerous.

  4. Yep, not a good place to be when it's windy!

  5. and you don't even link in... :P

  6. Very dangerous those high winds.


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