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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I was playing with my new camera yesterday, trying some of the different settings on it 
and there are quite a lot of different settings to play around with too.

This is the HDR, high dynamic resolution image.

Black and white naturally.

Super vivid. Why would anyone even consider using this?
Although I do like the bluer sky giving more contrast to the clouds.

And just old plain normal.  Looks a lot like the HDR one to me.  
But scrolling back and forth I can see a little difference in the dirt and grass.
I think just plain normal is fine by me.  I have no need for all those other settings.


  1. normal is good. the super vivid gives a neat old postcard look to it.

  2. Its like giving your photo's an add boost. Just a bit more color and smoothness then in reality.

  3. At least you are trying out the settings!

  4. 'Playing' is fun, and educational. What is your new camera?

  5. I’ve been out of commission for a week now so am behind in my commenting. My favorites are the first and third. Am so envious of your new camera. My old Rebel is going to have to last me my lifetime. Bud still nursing his hip, but will be running in west Virginia on Saturday and then a 24 hourer one next weekend. A hip replacement is going to probably be coming sooner than later.

  6. OOPS...I meant to say he can sleep or rest in his car whenever he need to do so. I am not going with him to that one.

  7. Yup, just plain old "normal" looks best to me. Fun to play with the settings, though, and see what they do!

  8. To see the benefit of these settings I think you need to try them in different conditions. They're all becoming a bit redundant as more and more tweaks can be done on the computer afterwards. Good fun playing around though.


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