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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Unsafe Water

There is a natural spring here, Hunter Springs, which is channeled into a barrel for horses to drink from not to mention the natural wildlife in the area.  There are tiny fish swimming in it, no doubt placed there on purpose to keep mosquito larvae in check.   I often wonder what with all the precautions needed today - filters and chemical tablets - in order to safely drink from creeks and rivers in the wilderness, just how did cowboys and Indians of the Wild West manage without getting sick? 


  1. As part of my job I have to have training in Food Hygiene and Infection Control; all very important, though I always come away wondering how come I've survived for so long!

  2. What a great question. Possibly man, himself, has contaminated the earth along the way through history.

  3. i think we humans have gotten wimpier over the years with all things sterile and antibacterial. probably had stronger guts back then. :)

  4. Sonoma? Say! I'm in Marin now!

    ALOHA, Friend


  5. My guess is that a good number of them probably did get sick, but they left that part out of the books and movies. ;-)

  6. My guess is that a good number of them probably did get sick, but they left that part out of the books and movies. ;-)

  7. I wonder this, too. When I was a kid, we drank from streams back in the mountains any time we were there if we were thirsty. Now, I am not sure if I would or not. But none of us ever got sick.

  8. I bet they got sick a lot..... only the tough so many ways.

  9. I think they built up an immunity to the nasties in the water. Bud and I did much to the worry of my daddy who was a safety engineer We are convinced our water still leaves a bit to be desired. Finally changed from a spring to a well, and I swear it is worse with the well. At least the spring tasted good even if it did not test out the best. When I saw my rock I immediately thought of your colorful rock. Couldn’t resist posting it. I think it is limestone running thru it, but am far from sure about that Yours is lots more colorful and unusual than mine. We see these all over the county, but they are not shaped as well as this one. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Give our dear Sinbad a special treat for being such a good pal.


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