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Friday, December 25, 2015

Gingerbread #5

Chateau St. Jean Winery

This one was the winner in my estimation.  It was created by the Boys and Girls Club and done by the kids themselves, mostly 5th graders.

Over 230 individually decorated icing covered graham crackers were used in the recreation of the Chateau St. Jean Winery and gardens.

I stood there thinking how sick I would be if I had to eat any small portion of this.
Seriously, I was getting a bit nauseated standing so close it.

Well done kids!

This concludes the gingerbread contest series.
Have a Happy Christmas Day everyone from Sinbad and I.


  1. Beautiful contest, everybody has done its best. Difficult to point out one as winner.
    Enjoy your day with your loved ones.

  2. If they put the same love and concentration in the rest of their life there is still hope for the world.

  3. You're right. These creations do look like the Christmas lights photo I posted. I bet the kids had a lot of fun creating their gingerbread houses.

  4. The details are astonishing! And I love the colours.


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