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Friday, December 18, 2015

Tracks in the Mud

After some recent rains I went for a hike and came across the tracks.  Under the right conditions these could be come fossilized tracks just like those that dinosaurs left behind.  But this isn't the ideal place for the right conditions.  Too many hikers and bicyclists will soon obliterate these tracks in the mud.


  1. Is it a bird or some bigger animal?

  2. From the handbook of a boyscout. Know your prints in the woods. Nice.

  3. If I found them in England I'd think "Fallow Deer". I frequently find the tracks - "slots" - on my walks but seldom see the in the deer themselves.

  4. My guess would be a deer. Gotta enjoy them at the moment because they will soon be gone. You asked ho far it is to town. It is a 25 mile round trip each time I to save gas I try to only go IF I really need to go.

  5. Nice!

    Did you or Sinbad reply to the Christmas helper post??

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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