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Friday, February 19, 2016

A Record Find

I have never seen this large of an outcropping of witches butter (I love that name) before 
so when I photographed it I assumed it was some similar type of fungi.

Back home I looked online and found various shapes, sizes and colors of witches butter shown so I'll go ahead and log this in as such and a record size find for me.  In the past what I have found were like those off to the side of the main mass shown here.

A lot of the ferns in my forest have suffered due to our drought here in California but this clump of sword fern was doing very well so I just had to photograph it.


  1. Never seen or heard about witches butter over here. An interesting kind of fungi.

  2. Never heard about this witches, looks almost you smashed something dirty against the tree.:)

  3. I have never heard of witches butter...very intriguing.

  4. These darn ‘I’m not a robot” things are gonna be the death of me. I wrote you a nice comment and then lost it because I did not wait for the pictures to identify WITHOUT MY GLASSES. Buddy and I have seen these so often out at Dothan State Park where we go for our reunions, but we just called them fungi. I will have to tell him they really have a name. Hope you and Sinbad are doing OK. I am way behind in my commenting on blogs. Maybe it is because I am now the ugly 77! genie

  5. I don't think I have ever seen that before. Pretty cool!

  6. I have never seen witch's butter before. I'm going to Google it to find out more. ;)

  7. That is a big patch, whenever I see it it's no bigger than my thumbnail!


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