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Friday, February 5, 2016

Sign of the Season: Black-tailed jackrabbit boxing

Evidently I was unknowingly a witness to this behavior shown in yesterday's post.  A follower to my blog sent this from the Bay Nature bulletin he receives.

Every spring jackrabbits deviate from their usual routine of staying
hidden in shrubbery to head out into the open to compete for the role
of top hare among the jills (females). Bay Nature’s contributing
editor Alison Hawkes is covering this annual phenomenon, which
includes “boxing matches” as the females fend off the males. We’re
looking for shots of these antics, and while we’d prefer that they be
from the Bay Area, we’ll consider shots from other locations in
California if the content is right.

I was unaware that jackrabbits did this.  
I was also unaware that the females were referred to as jills.
I like that.


  1. You have noticed something special, nice to know. Never heard of female animals competing with each other. Feminist jackrabbits? :)

  2. Our British hares do exactly the same thing and I've noticed that they are particularly unobservant at this time of year and sometimes run straight towards you.

  3. Wouldn't you just love to capture one of those boxing matches.

  4. I had never heard "jills" used before. I'd only ever heard "does". I've watched the courting many times and it's vigorous. Google "vigorous jack rabbit sex"


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