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Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Coyote Sighting and Loud Talkers

This is starting to get too easy now as I am seeing coyotes quite often.  They are no doubt the same individuals and rodent hunting must be good in these meadows.  I could have probably got more footage of him except for these two women coming up from behind on the trail.  I could hear them yakin' away from a long distance away.  By the time they reached me the coyote was gone.  I said to them "Oh, you just missed a coyote.  He was right over there then he heard you coming and left  (hint, hint).  If you continue on along the lake you might be able to see him."  
They thanked me and continued on with their walkin' and talkin'.
Listen closely at the end and you can hear the women coming.
There is a Hiker's Group in the adult community I live in.  Early on when we moved here I joined the club and went on a hike thinking this would be a nice group to get involved in among the dozens of clubs and groups the village has.  Off we went and off they went yakkity yaking, the entire time.  Add to that the chorus of walking sticks clic-clacking along and I knew this wasn't for me.  How on earth are they ever going to enjoy Nature scaring away every living thing long before they arrive?  
I never went on a hike with the club again.
I hike alone.


  1. Perhaps they are starting a family there.

  2. They feel very at ease there apparently

  3. I completely understand. I prefer to walk alone too, and I don't 'hike', I saunter.

  4. Walking alone with no earpiece, just enjoying nature. That is me.

  5. I get the same thing with a bird group I lead. We don't see many birds but when I go alone I will see many birds.

  6. I like your attitude. ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

  7. Nice video! I could not hear the women cause my computer's fan is so loud! Maybe instead of a hiking club, they should call themselves the Walking/Talking club.

  8. They probably don't even look around as they 'hike'.

  9. I understand too. I like the hear the nature around me instead of talking.


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