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Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's Getting Better

We moved on in the Mojave National Preserve 
and the further north we went the more flowering plants there were to be found.

The Joshua Tree which oddly enough belongs to the lily family.

Desert Indian Paintbrush

This cactus is similar to the Clustered Barrel Cactus I showed before but that cactus has yellow flowers.  Whatever cactus this is it has very pretty flowers.


  1. To see so much bright red flowers in these dry surroundings is rather peculiar.

  2. Great flowers. Never saw a Joshua tree in life. Now I know they can even blossom. A real spectacle.

  3. Now those are some great desert flowers!

  4. so bright. so beautiful! so tough.

  5. Flowers in the desert - amazing!

  6. The Joshua is beautiful....didn't know it was of the lily family. Nice to know.

  7. If I could paint I would be asking permission to paint some of these...

  8. The CA desert flowers seem pretty elusive this year. Most of Joshua Tree has been mediocre, but a few isolated areas were outstanding. That's a great JTree bloom photo!


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