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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Baby Dinosaur Tale

I was climbing around on the side of this hill looking for anything to take a picture of.

Anything, like this cactus for example.

The hill provided a nice view of the valley.  See the Little House on the Highway?  
Sinbad is asleep inside.

Well this was a surprise find!  I wondered how it came to be out here.  A little boy camping with his family where we were camped probably lost it somehow.  Now how could a little guy loose his toy dinosaur without knowing it?  I was soon to find out.

I thought it would be fun to pose the dinosaur in various settings, took several pictures and then stuck him in my pocket while I resumed looking for things to photograph.  Several minutes later I realized he was gone.  He'd fallen out of my pocket somehow.  I backtracked and eventually found him.  Back in my pocket he went.  Well I lost him again!  Each time I stooped down to take a picture he'd fall out.  I searched and searched.  What else did I have to do?   I even scrolled back through my pictures trying to help me retrace my steps.  I figured he was gone for good and was meant to stay here on the hill.  Finally, there he was!  This time I stuffed him all the way down in my pants.  

He now has a new home on the dash of the Little House on the Highway.


  1. Its clear. It didn't want to leave that desert left behind by a flying saucer as a bacon for the owners disguest as a human toy. So be prepared.

  2. That is a nice find, was Sinbad pleased with his new companion?

  3. Dinosaurs are not extinct. They're all just lost.

  4. from one little boy to another...

  5. He really fit right in with that desert landscape, but looks pretty good on your dash, too!

  6. Love your story and the photos. He looks perfect .
    Thanks for the name of the Fungus. I can see why it's called Turkey Tail.

  7. I also travel with a piece of cholla! It sometimes makes a nice balance in a wildflower photo.


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