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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grills and I don't mean bar-b-que grills

These last few weeks I have been busy doing repairs, maintenance, additions and improvements to the Little House on the Highway.  As such I haven't been out and about very much, even for as little as a hike on the trails all during that time.  But they did have a car show this past weekend here in the old folks village where I live so I did go to that.  Old cars always provide good material for picture taking.

I love the grills on cars from yesteryear.  Some truly are pieces of art.

- more to come -


  1. Detroit steel at its most stylish. So much better than all the auto-clones produced today.

  2. That last one looks like a grimm mouth.

  3. Great cars. The influence of the time on cars is really stunning. But it is over before you know.

  4. Wow! These shot brought back memories.

  5. Wonderful to see John... I've got a few vintage car shows coming up soon. I hope to share some pics.


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