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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Here in the States Monday May 30th is Memorial Day where we honor those who gave their lives so that our country may be free.  It is a three day holiday weekend which is otherwise known as the unofficial beginning of summer.  When I was working it would always be my first road trip of the year and I'd go to the desert in Nevada where few others did, thus avoiding the hoards of people at parks and beaches.  Now retired, I prefer to stay home off the highways and be safe for the weekend.
Take care and be safe.


  1. The older the wiser, we do the same...

  2. Indeed I agree with Bieb.

  3. We're on the road, kinda. Finally took our kitty, Annabelle, for an extended trip, John. We've been in Roanoke (VA) visiting our daughter. She's really near the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we were thinking of jumping on for a longer trip after the crowds leave on Monday. Feel much the same way about even being in that traffic. Ugh. Happy to report Annabelle is doing well in her new "vacation" digs...once she learned not to crawl in the driver's area (about 3 hours into the trip), she settled down and watched out the back windows for the most part. Even though its getting warm here, when we park for awhile, we've shaded the sunny side of the van and turned on the Fantastic Fan, and it keeps things quite comfortable in there for her(and us)during the day (eighty outside, 73 inside).

  4. Have a good one, It's a bank holiday here as well(late spring bank holiday) so like you making the most of it out of the way

  5. i'll be working. hope the crazies will keep it to a small roar.


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