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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sinbad and the Dinosaur

When I returned to the RV I showed Sinbad what I found.
Really?  Do you have to set that thing here?

 Nearby our camp was this improvised gate designed to keep people from continuing on the road.

The gate was securely locked to keep anyone from opening it.
Now, what is wrong with this arrangement? 

    When we first arrived at our campsite I immediately went for a short walk leaving the 

camera behind which I soon regretted.  I walked up over the nearby hill and discovered someone's 

“camp” down on the other side.  It was a strange set-up.  There were no structures except for a 

broken down camper off to the side.  The guy must have had 10 to 15 handsaws of all types laying 

around on boxes, rocks or in the dirt.  He had a 50 gallon barrel stuck full of long items like a mop, 

fishing poles, crutches (several pairs of different styles) among other scraps of long metal and wood 

poles.  Another 50 gallon plastic barrel was full of water.  There were 5 gallon buckets scattered all 

about filled with things you'd have no use for in the desert like plumbing fixtures, door knobs and 

hinges. There was even an antique Seagull outboard boat motor lying there in the dirt which is quite 

the collectable.   Also numerous cases of empty beer bottles including a case of champagne bottles, a 

few looking yet uncorked.  He had a huge round wire cage where he tossed his empty food tins.   I 

looked to see what he ate.  Most of the cans were Alpo dog food.  I hoped he had a dog.  Whoever it 

was that lived there, it was he who designed that gate and I bet he would be quite interesting person 

to talk with.  Or maybe not.


  1. Well Sinbad seems not impressed by the aggressive outlook of your find. Good for him.

  2. Well my question of yesterday is answered by this photo, not interested in that strange intruder!

  3. Is that gate part of Trump's plan to keep the Mexicans out?

  4. I'd be a bit dubious about meeting up with that guy..."interesting" is a good word for that...."yikes" comes to mind, too :) Hugs to sweet little Sindbad even though I can't understand why he isn't more excited about meeting a T. rex. Sheesh!

  5. I get that look from Mr. Hudson all the time - I think it means "and you think your funny don't you?"

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Sinbad does not seem to be the least bit interested. He is such a cutie pie. You have to love that gate/fence. The owner definitely does not want any cars down at his abode. What you discovered is amazing...quite the collection of STUFF. The story of your VW is horrible. I hope we end up getting ours fixed, but where do we start? I guess at the Buick agency, but that means the big bucks just like in your case.

  7. Sinbad, in spite of his unlikely friend there, is looking very good. He's beautiful. Give him a kiss from me and Daisey. I hope you both have a beautiful day!

  8. Ha!!! I can't believe hey locked that gate like that.


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