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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chicago Alley

I was watching a video online and the cameraman panned down this alleyway in Chicago.  All of those criss-crossing power lines immediately caught my attention.  I had to draw this, or at least try.

The camera was panning up (or down, I don't remember) and at different focal lengths so I took several screenshots on the computer.  I printed out the screenshots then cut and taped them together to get one complete image to work from.  And since he used different lens lengths none of the images could be lined up to one and the other, plus the screenshots were blurry and grainy looking.
This all made it a bit of a challenge but I still enjoyed drawing the scene.


  1. I like you new hobby, a lot of wires in this image.

  2. You look like you are having fun!

  3. I really like it. The brick details are great, and I love the windows on the building in the background.

  4. You are really getting super creative these days. Every week you have something new for us. I love what you did here. At first I thought you were doing more stippling. Tomorrow I go for my 8 hours of an iron infusion and my new pens have arrived. At first they give me so much banal that I could not draw or stile to save my life, but after about an hour I am normal and just have to lie there. That is when the pens and the paper are coming out. Am gonna give it a try. Will let you know how it does. Thanks so much for sharing with me. genie PS....With the etegami I am supposed to hold this long full brush straight up and down and just drag it were I want it to go. That is very hard for me. Awkward. I think I will be able to handle pens in the chair better than paints.

  5. Beautiful work. Those power lines really make it interesting.

  6. This is very interesting, seems very tedious to do. Nice drawing.

  7. Nice - I have no idea how people manage to draw - I struggle to pull off a straight line with a ruler!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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