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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Common House Sparrow

In the last ink drawing of the tree, cat and moon, I mentioned how one particular tedious process, all those lines in the sky and ground, was fun... "for me at least".  Here is why that emphasis on what I wrote.

There are several techniques that go into the various styles of pen and ink drawings.  One of those is referred to as pointillism or stippling.  This is the creating of an image with nothing more than the repeated process of placing countless little dots on the paper.  Nearly all of the drawings I have done is in this style.  When I first saw pointillism a long time ago I immediately was attracted to it and taught myself how to do it.

In this recent attempt to get back into my art I needed some inspiration and motivation to pick up my pens once again.  Before starting that first piece, the Indian pottery that was on the blog awhile back, I watched some YouTube videos of people doing pen and ink drawings in various styles.  More than once I heard an artist as he or she demonstrated the pointillism technique say how it isn't all that popular since it is takes so long and is very tedious in building up the image and values.  I have never thought of it being so.

That is why I wrote drawing all those little lines so close together in the tree, cat and moon drawing without crossing over its neighbor was fun...for me at least.  I guess it would drive most normal people bonkers but I found myself sort of falling into a meditative state while I do it.

I enjoyed doing this sparrow more so than the fox or the tree, cat and moon drawing since I was doing it in all those little dots which I enjoy.  Perhaps I just need to do other styles more often and develop a fondness for them too.

This 3 minute video in real time gives you an idea of the process of stippling.


  1. That is a lot of work, but I can understand you get in a certain mood while doing this.The video is nice to watch the technique. I have seen the paintings of Seurat in museums, they are so huge, I always wonderded how he did that pointillism. He must have been standing there for ages.

  2. i totally understand the meditative qualities to it. i'd think the dots are much easier to control and get into a zone than those parallel lines. very nicely done.

  3. Last the sparrow looks like the one we have here in the UK

  4. This is beautiful! Well done!!

  5. Wonderful John... you have a talent... plus a lot of patience.

  6. Wow, I love this! I enjoyed watching the video too.

  7. I AM SOSOSOSO IMPRESSED. How you could have kept this wonderful talent from us all of these years I do not know. Thank goodness you have returned. My first husband, an artist and Landscape Architect, was a master at this medium. I have never tired it, but now I want to make an attempt. I am working daily with my watercolors. If you have time, go look at my buttonsforbaga.blogspot.com site and let me now what you think. Yep...I made the 5 miles with an iron count of 20...about as low as I can get and still function. It was beautiful and FLAT. I just had to get out. Go for an 8 hour infusion a week from today...WooHoo...UGH! But the payoff it great. I will be perkier and my brain will work so much better. Then I can try my stippling. Happy weekend. genie


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