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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just One Little Spark

That is all it would take to set this all ablaze.  Or a cigarette.  It has been in the high 90's (35c) here this week.  I try to think that hikers and bicyclists don't smoke and my park will be safe from fire.

This is the view the painter from my Monday post had.  The polo field.  
Not that picturesque to be doing a painting of I don't think. 


  1. Many years ago I drove past a stubble field to a nearby town, on the way back it and had caught fire and was racing along the field near the road, I had trouble overtaking the flames and people had stopped to help pull the straw bales out of the way. Quiet a sight I will say so one little spark will do a lot of damamge

  2. That must be a fear indeed, the threat of a fire.

  3. But now it just looks beautiful. Lets hope it will stay so.

  4. perhaps he was just trying to get 'green' right. i hope everything stays safe. already so much loss...

  5. Interesting that the painter chose that viewpoint. It was a much better view from the photo you took of him.

  6. Just the thought of a cigarette butt starting a fire here makes my stomach queasy. My father was a safety engineer so I have had fire safety drill into me my entire life. That is definitely a dry field. Let us hope for the best. genie

  7. It may not seem very picturesque to us, but to him he saw something that made him want to start painting. I guess that saying is is in the eye of the beholder. genie

  8. I think the painter must have a excess if green paint to use!

    Dry grass like that is a real fire risk here too - often around outer suburban houses with no experience of bush fires or their prevention!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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