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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Bloom

Algae bloom that is.  This is a water catchment reservoir in another state park across the highway from where I live.  Yes, it is yucky looking and you certainly wouldn't want to go swimming in it (you couldn't anyway for it is chain link fenced off) but I think it is kind of pretty in its own way.

Where the water is clear from algae there is a fairly nice reflection of our clear blue sky.


  1. Plant life has always something green. If we see this on water surfaces then we know its to hot and it disturb all kinds of watersports.

  2. It is a nasty thing the algea, they wreck the motors of the recreative boats here. It also smells when the weather is warm.

  3. There's a pond near me where algae blooms, and it actually looks pretty sometimes.

  4. some years my pond gets it really thick. i end up raking it off from the shorelines, just to help aerate the waters.

  5. From a photographers eye, I like the patterns on the water made by the algae.

  6. The algae is really pretty, but I certainly would not like to swim in it. There are beaches closed on the Atlantic where the algae has taken open and make the water unusable. In this setting it is really pretty. genie


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