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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What a Difference...

...a few months make.

The photo of this meadow was taken in February.

Here is how it looks today.

Here is a different meadow in March where the grasses are just starting to turn.
Notice the deer grazing in the green part remaining.

As it looks today.  
No deer, coyote, turkeys, nothing except for one lone old hiker taking a picture. 


  1. Nice to see the difference the seasons make.

  2. That is interesting but not good I suppose, still a lack of rain in your area?

  3. Today we are having a break from our usual 90+ degrees and humidity. Everyone's once green lawns are crunchy and brownish now.

  4. These shots taken by "one lone old hiker" are so nice and show what Mother Nature can do to us when she chooses not to sent her rain. Now, to this stippling.....wow! It is hard and so time consuming. Am gonna send you what I have done. At the moment I am covered in poison ivy and miserable. The more I move the more I itch. I am into my last day of the prednisone and places are still popping out. We did NOT have PI in south Florida a week from the Atlantic. Scorpions....roaches....mosquitoes....alligators....but no PI. And this was in Bud's herbs at the front step. I was just pinching off the tops of his herbs and saw a "weed". Bad news! Take care...genie


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