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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where'd he go?

He just left us here!

He went into that little building over there.

Is he coming back?

I don't know!

Relax guys.  He just went to go pee.  He won't forget us, says Jock the black Scottie.

There were two more dogs, large setters tied up further to the left.  This dog walker brings dogs out for walks along the state park road everyday except weekends.  I've seen him with more than a dozen dogs at one time.  Can you imagine?  His wife also walks dogs and she always has the little ones.  I think all their clients are the old people where I live who cannot get out to walk their dogs like they should.  I don't know what dog walkers charge but this couple is doing pretty well for just a few hours every morning.  It is kind of funny too as the pace is pretty slow as there is always somebody who needs to stop to poop.  Yes, they clean up after the dogs.


  1. Oh they charge here around 10 bucks in your money so that little lot will bring him at least $50 for a little walk. Nice little earner

  2. I hope the dogs like it also.

  3. The question "Who let the dogs out?" is answered here.

  4. I would steal them all and bring them home with me. ;-) Ok, just kidding. But I'd want to. I often see dog walkers in New York City, and some of them have four or five dogs. I imagine just walking one dog in the city is difficult enough.

  5. The city has a 6 dog limit for dog walkers here. Most of the people using them are people who work all day. I see them all over the city.

  6. Sounds like a pretty good business to me, especially if you are a dog lover!

  7. I cannot imagine walking so many dogs at a time. My shoulder and neck/back could not take it. These are such cuties. Loved your story about dad going to pee. Funny. I have begun trying to stipple. Need lots of improvement. Gonna start working on one piece each week for a while til I get the hang of it better. I did post what I did on my buttons for baga blog and make a reference and a link back to you and your blog with a thanks for getting me started. genie


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