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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yay For High Taxes!

I was reading a history article about my Annadel State Park I always enjoy hiking around in.  Before it became a state park the owner of the land had a vision to build a country-style golf course here surrounded by 5,000 pricey homes!  Engineering drawings for Annadel Country Club Estates were completed in 1957.  Fortunately the owner suffered business setbacks in his other holdings and taxes on his California holdings rose by 700 percent and he began to sell off his Annadel Farms investment. Whew!  I think this is the only time I have ever been thankful for high taxes.  The state eventually acquired 5000 acres of the land and in 1971 opened it up as a state park.

Can you see a golf course here with the surrounding hills covered with homes? 


  1. Ha, ha this looks far better and you can always take a stick and a ball with you to have a ball.

  2. I afraid I can but lucky it didn't happen.

  3. Thank God for high taxes! :-), I never thought I'd say that either.

    Were they trying to prevent his project?

  4. It's interesting to turn a negative into a positive. It must be the only time I am glad for higher taxes..

  5. Too bad for the owner, good for everyone else.

  6. I'll never forget my mother-in-law from Chicago looking at all the parkland in the North Bay and calling it "wasted space"!

  7. This is such a beautiful spot...but I do not play golf :-) The views and the flowers are so pretty. I just pray the govt does not end up selling off our National Parks. Buddy is so concerned about that.


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