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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Day at the Coast

An early morning decision to take a drive found me out along our Sonoma Coast.
A lot of our coastline in California looks like this.  
After all, we're on the edge of a continent slipping off into the waters you know.

It was to be in the 90's (32c) at home an hour's drive inland. 
I had to wear a light jacket at the coast which had gray skies and no sunshine.

Looks like someone dumped a big box of laundry detergent in the water.  I've never seen foam like this before in the ocean and it makes me wonder if something not good is going on here.
With some imagination it looks like clouds don't you think?


  1. Although detergents and other chemicals may cause sea-foam it's more likely to be decaying natural organic matter. So it's generally not as toxic and scary as it looks.

  2. Looks like you got the better end of the deal going there, I've see the sea do that before, always looks scary

  3. I like that rocky coastline, the water seems to have some trouble entering the rocks.

  4. Great coastline. The only thing it has in common with ours is that foam. Wikipedia give a nice definition of this Sea foam .

  5. Neat shots, and I agree, the foam does not look like something good. I've seen that before around big lakes and always thought it was something nasty that somehow got in the water. But I'm glad to see more knowledgeable bloggers know what it is. I have learned something new today.

  6. The coast is my happy place, in fact, I'm on the coast right now - although it's the opposite coast from yours and not a rocky one. I do love a rocky coast though too. I don't think I could ever be far from the water. It's probably the Pisces in me. That foam sure does look thick.

  7. that foam is kind of eerie. but thanks for the thought of simply driving to the coast to see it...

  8. That looks like what comes down our creek. The people upstream will dump their garbage in the creek ....and I think there are still outhouses during into it. The coast reminds me of the Oregon coastline that we saw. It is beautiful. That darn cat. I had called the vet and told him we thought a hawk had gotten Trouble. Well, yesterday morning I looked out my window and there was this yellow cat sunning in the warmth by the old hot tub/fish pond. Went to the door and called his name and he ran - I think - under the deck. So, I put food out and propped the door open. Before I knew it I heard this pathetic meow. He looked grim and was really hungry. My guess is he was under the deck the whole time. That is only the second time he has ever gotten out. So all is well at the Johnson-Robinson course. WOOHOO :-)

  9. A beautiful coast despite the foam!

  10. So nice to get over to the coast on a hot day! I'm about the same distance as you to my local beaches, but I hate to fight the traffic so don't go very often. That foam is strange... I've never seen it so thick.


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