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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bodega Bay continued

To the left of that crescent of land is the bay and calm waters.
You can see the fog or low cloud cover, whichever.

To the right is open ocean although it is still somewhat protected from the waves of the Pacific.

That is Doran beach and as you can see there is camping there.  Looks nice but there is one problem.  The Coast Guard station is there also and out on the very end is a fog horn that bleats continuously off and on, fog or no fog.  It can become maddening and difficult to ignore.  I guess you eventually get used to it and don't notice it anymore but I've never been that fortunate. 

The waters inside the bay is the perfect place for these kayakers. 
That is some very expensive real estate in the background.

Part of the docks at Bodega Bay.  Pay heed to the sign in time of earthquakes.


  1. On one very wet and miserable night on the Welsh coast I ended up in a bed-and-breakfast very near to a fog horn. All I can say is that it takes longer than 8 hours to get used to it.

  2. Its a place where you need sunshine for comfort.

  3. A campingsite with a horn blowing, that must be something for those who like! But the bay looks very pretty and quiet, although an earthquake warning....

  4. Funny how some of the most expensive real estate lies just where it will either fall off a cliff or plunge into the water. Sure is a pretty place.

  5. I do not think I would ever get used to the foghorn. That would drive me even more nuts than I already am. The area is gorgeous, but to live there would be way out of my budget. genie

  6. I would never get seed to the horn either! Looks pretty though!

  7. neat area. hoping for rains for you soon.


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