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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good Old Days in Imaginary Trainland

This one is kind of funny.  You can almost step from the canoe to the row boat to cross the pond.
The tractor lost a wheel and fell over too.

Notice the small sign in the middle.  
Do you remember buying gas for 27.9 cents a gallon?  I do.  

Normally the price of admission to the Community Playhouse for a movie is 75 cents.  But for dancing on Saturday night with Fat Hogg calling the steps and the Lumberjacks providing the music you get in for 50 cents.  What a deal.  Did you ever square dance?  I remember we did in the third grade as a classroom activity.  It was fun.  It was also the only time you got to hold the hand of the girl you secretly liked without her objecting.  I remember one girl had rough scaly hands.  It gave me the willies to hold her hand.


  1. Those are sweet memories, We have never danced in school, our old folkdances have always to do with wooden shoes. We don't wear them for ages anymore. But I have enjoyed folkdances as a hobby later on, mostly east-European dances but also a square dance I remember, I liked that very much.

  2. We had to square dance in 6th grade. I thought the dancing was fun, but I did not want anything to do with the partner I got.

  3. only time i've square-danced was gym class, too - junior high for me.

    laughed at the boats almost touching.

  4. Oh yes I do remember the gas being that price...middle 60's. What a deal...Now I'm happy to see it at $2.18....
    Loved square dancing. Hubby and I belonged to a square dance club called the Calico Cats. It was fun but then I became pregnant and all that twirling around didn't set well with my tummy. Had to quit and just never got back into it

  5. I remember those gas prices! And yes, we danced in elementary school. Don't remember what grade it was, and the only dance I remember is the Virginia Reel.
    Have a wonderful week-end!


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