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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last Train Leaving Imaginary World

All of the locomotive shots in this series, the train was moving but you wouldn't know it.
This is the only one that gives a sense of motion.

This was my favorite diorama.  People on holiday.
Click on the image and you can see the people better.  See the Jeep towing the trailer, the couple on the bench, the sunbathers, the girl falling out of the canoe, the bear?  Lots going on here.

Kids today love their Legos.  Not me.  I had an Erector set but hardly played with it.
If I were a kid give me the materials to create a world like this and I'd be entertained forever. 

Because in my imaginary world you can have your home right next to the train tracks 
and that is okay.  Notice the boy washing the car.

This concludes the train show series.  Back to reality now.


  1. They were rally cool, people put a lot of effort into models, they are certainly big boys toys

  2. Great diorama's. The world condensed in a little scale. I like it.

  3. I liked it very much to see the displays, all made with such sweet details. Talking about living next to the train tracks, my grandfather was a stationmaster and lived in the station with his family. I remember visiting my grandparents and the excitement to see the passing trains so close by and to see him with his uniform and cap changing the signals and switches.

  4. I really like that house by the tracks. It's very similar to my inlaws' old house.

  5. I get so absorbed in such things!


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