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Saturday, August 20, 2016

More of the Sonoma Coastline

A nice clean beach.  No sea foam suds here.

This man knows how to spend the day.

Some of the local residents.


  1. That man thinks, finally time to read all alone, but no, look up....:)

  2. Love that rough rocky coastline. Looks like everyone has its own private beach here.

  3. Now, this is the way the beach should look. It is beautiful. I would love to be sitting there in that chair. Thanks for your continued encouragement. The Stippled leaf remains was a very time consuming piece. I had to think backwards if that makes any sense. But I was so happy in the end. And that mandala....it looks like I was drinking when I did that one. I never thought about using the protractors which is sitting there with my art stuff. Buddy bought me a little art table at Michaels which I LOVE. It is wonderful and sitting right under the window. I feel like The Queen sitting there...hehhe. genie

  4. Glorious! Where is this fantastic place? No, wait. Better to not tell anyone! ;-)

  5. I wonder if he minds someone looking over his shoulder while he reads?

  6. Wonderful way to spend time, sat on the beach reading a book


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