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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More of Train Town

The Lionel train locomotive I had looked like this.  
That is why those Lincoln Log walls never stood a chance.


  1. Your models are different to ours but like you I love to check out the trains

  2. These photos remind me of a famous picture by Eisenstaedt which you can see here http://www.afterimagegallery.com/lifeeisenstaedttrains.htm
    -nothing much seems to have changed with the passing years.

  3. I have one of that Big Boys still in a box on the attic. Couldn't let it go.

  4. Those locomotives were in reality very impressive. I can remember when I was a child have seen them on the station. Those were the days...

  5. haha. yup, poor lincoln logs. liked the little barn. the feed lots are kinda sad - but true to life.

  6. I never had trains but always wanted them. (ps - my blog url has changed, so if you followed it by email, you'll have to re-follow)


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