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Monday, August 15, 2016

One Way Street in San Francisco

I enjoyed doing the Chicago Alley drawing I showed last month and thought I would try something else along the same theme but in a slightly different technique.  
Lines are fun.


  1. Oh, I like that, reminds me of the drawings of my late brother.

  2. Great drawing technic John. Looks very good with the shadows disappearing in the white of the paper in the middle.

  3. really awesome. kinda gritty effect.

  4. John...You are SO talented. I enlarged this picture and am in awe of all of the detail, perspective, and superb use of line. Pieces like this could easily be on display in a local art museum. It is wonderful. The way the street goes into just light at the end is magical. Did you take a photograph and work from it? Trouble went missing yesterday and we are beside ourselves. He has never been outside but once and we are worried he got out the front door unbeknownst to us because of the birds out there. The storm door is off because we are having work done on the house. We are pretty non-functioning today. I have stopped crying but the fear continues. Bud's heading out on his bike right now to look again. He is so skittish that if he came up to a house with people, he would runaway. Jack is gone and now Trouble. genie PS...Thanks for your encouraging works on my weekly art post.

  5. Great job with this. If I could I'd hang it on my wall!


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